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We are one of India’s largest manufacturer of Supercomputing systems and have undertaken installations of over 300 Supercomputing systems. Our Supercomputing systems are bespoke and tailored with specialised hardware designs and architecture and cater to varied customer specifications.
Our Supercomputing systems use our ‘Tyrone’ cluster management suite which is an integrated set of software components that can be deployed in a variety of configurations. We have a specialised Supercomputing testing facility through which we test parallel codes for our Supercomputing systems for quality assurance of our Supercomputing systems.

Tyrone Camarero Servers for Different Applications

We have designed and built an extensive range of over 200 dual processor server models under our brand ‘Tyrone Camarero’. Our servers are designed and built with the intent of providing operational flexibility, and we have built servers to cater to disparate customer needs from entry level servers to high-end ‘mission-critical’ servers.

Private Cloud and Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Our private cloud and HCI offering, which is built and sold under our Tyrone Skylus brand, offers hyper-converged capabilities i.e., combining compute, storage, and network, thereby enabling us to provide a bespoke hardware and curated software stack. Our private cloud and HCI offerings comprise private cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud tools, HCI, and cloud native storage.

High Performance Storage Solutions

We provide high throughput and high IOPs storage for enterprise computation users. Our HPS solutions are capable of being integrated into private and public cloud environment. Our HPS solutions facilitate 10 million IOPS (input/output operations per second) and 100 GBps (scalable upto 450GBps) throughput and designs that can be extended up to 1,000 petabytes. Our scalable design can be extended up to exabyte i.e., 1,000 petabytes.

AI systems and Enterprise Workstations

Our AI systems and enterprise workstations address requirements of Supercomputing systems, machine learning and deep learning, and are equipped with our proprietary containerised application solution (viz., Tyrone Kubyts) to standalone parallel compute intensive applications. Our AI systems and workstations are designed to support wide range of applications such as CFD, CAD and CMD.


Netweb Cloud Service delivers cutting-edge technology-based cloud services to optimize the return on investments through performance and customer-centric support for your business.



Take full advantage of your Kubernetes architecture with containerized applications that allow you to meet your organization’s specialized needs.

Private cloud/openstack

Our Openstack solution supports mission-critical applications and data, while offering supreme scalability and agility—with no vendor lock-in.

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