Netweb Technologies India Ltd Environment Compliances – EPR (E-Waste)

Netweb Technologies India Ltd is a Technology Solutions Provider for High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing and Virtualization, Enterprise IT (Servers, Workstations, Storage), BigData Analytics etc. We are transforming the Servers, Storage, High End Computing Space with environmentally friendly, energy-saving, innovative, high quality and high-performance solutions.

As the new technology developed, devices get smarter so the old one is getting left or no use. This whole process cause the e-waste creation.

We being a responsible corporate citizen are committed to follow all regulatory compliance related to e-waste management.

As per EPR plan approved, the below practices are followed by us for ensuring full compliance to Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) -:

  • Implemented check during procurement process so that all Raw Material / Components procured for producing finished products is/are RoHS Complied
  • Agreement with logistics partner for establishment of Collection Centers across PAN India for collection of E-Waste
  • Running customer awareness initiatives as detailed here under
    • Information on Website on the harmful effect of E-waste and the ways to recycle it in an environment friendly manner
    • Toll-free consumer helpline is being operated for facilitating customer for the process of safe disposal and informs them about the nearest drop point available to drop their e-waste
    • Banners/ Posters at our Service Centres posters citing harmful effects of e-waste are now prominently displayed at all our offices/service centres
    • Electronic labels/Stickers are being affixed on all the products being sold to the consumers with a prominent “Recycle Symbol” and details of Website and toll free number
    • Workshops on E-waste Awareness have been conducted on harmful effects of E-waste and management/handling of E-waste
    • Collection Points have been established and encourage end users to drop their End of Life Electronic products for safe recycling
    • E-waste Bin for safe collection of E-waste are placed at service centres, collection points/ branch offices
  • Offering Specific collection schemes to customers to encourage customers to return their end of life products (e-waste).
  • Agreement with Authorized Recycler for collection, channelization and disposal of e-waste.
  • Collection of e-waste directly or through Recycler partner as per target given in EPR plan.
  • Channelization / Recycling / Disposal of e-waste through Authorized Recycler.
  • Documentation and Return filling as per EPR plan .
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