Netweb Cloud Kubernetes Service

Automating time-consuming tasks involved in managing containers and microservices from deployment and management to scheduling and scaling Kubernetes(K8s), saves you money. Enjoy the added benefits of total customization with Pure Upstream Kubernetes from Netweb.

Portability Between Cloud

Bare-metal Performance

Ultimate Scalability

Low-latency Open source and free to use

Reduced Licensing Costs

High density

Run production-grade Kubernetes from anywhere

When you partner with Netweb, you benefit from proven best practices for all aspects of Kubernetes-based operations. Your developers can focus on applications instead of infrastructure. Netweb Managed Kubernetes services remotely monitors, optimizes, and troubleshoots your Kubernetes clusters and its underlying infrastructure. We provide automatic security patches, proactive monitoring, upgrades etc. which enables you to run production-grade Kubernetes from anywhere.

Easy Migration from Test Environments to Production

Automation, Scalability, Security in Multi-Environment Kubernetes is what we offer. We can deploy applications in the production environment or if the application is in dev or test, the learned policy is easily migrated to production. This approach simplifies the integration and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services.

Our Container Platform offers

  • Maximum compatibility with public container and docker offerings due to its upstream sources.
  • Full automation for initial deployments, lifecycle management, and continuing operations
  • Nimble architecture that enables fast and efficient upgrades with Kubernetes’s quarterly release cycle.
  • Regular security updates & robust TLS encryption for all control plane components.
  • Automatic acceleration of GPU-optimized workloads like transcoding and AI.
  • Full confinement using kernel-level mandatory access controls.
  • Access Kubernetes clusters from just about anywhere.

Optional Add-ons

  • Fully Managed Kubernetes: Full, 24×7 remote management of your Kubernetes Cluster by Tyrone’s Team of Experts.
  • Infrastructure Support: Enterprise phone support for Kubernetes and Ubuntu.
  • Kubeflow, Machine Learning Master Class: Weeklong training that explores the complete AI/ML stack and trains your team to build a full pipeline using Kubeflow on Kubernetes (available as an add-on to advanced, our bare-metal Kubernetes service package).
  • Workload Deployment Services.

Enterprise Kubernetes Packages

Our team defines your Kubernetes environment, ensures your cluster meets its purpose, and give you the skills you need to onboard your applications, scale your cluster, and operate it daily.

Kubernetes Basics

  • Kubernetes & Container basics
  • Reference Architecture
  • Multi-Cloud Approach
  • Security and Patching
  • Lifecycle Management
  • 10 Hours of Training
  • Onboard Test Workloads

Kubernetes Standard

  • Highly available Kubernetes, deployed on HPC Cloud Platform, public cloud, private cloud, or VMware
  • Logging, Monitoring, & Alerting
  • Custom Kubernetes architecture optimized for your workloads
  • Calico or Flannel Networking
  • Three days (24 hours) of Training

Kubernetes Advanced

  • Highly available, production- grade Kubernetes, deployed on public cloud, VMware, HPC Cloud Platform, or bare metal
  • Logging, Monitoring, and Alerting
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Storage for Persistent Volumes
  • Custom Networking Options
  • Management Platform
  • Private Registry
  • Application Catalog
  • On – Site Knowledge Transfer

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