RAID Controllers

Areca RAID controller

Areca high-performance RAID controller series can provide up to 512 SAS/SATA peripheral devices using SAS expanders. The controllers are based on the same RAID kernel of field-proven external RAID adapter and same device drivers with widely used SATA RAID controller. Applications that benefit most features from these controllers include NAS, server RAID solutions, web servers, supercomputing, near-line backup, security systems and streaming applications.

All-time performance

Using High-Speed RAID-Engines, latest DDR-Cache as well as fastest host bus type technology Areca RAID controllers are reaching new levels of performance.

Areca Product Range

  • SAS RAID Adapters
  • SAS Mezzanine Adapters
  • SATA RAID Adapters
  • SAS Non-RAID Adapters
  • Thunderbolt Solutions
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 RAID Subsystem
  • RAID Subsystem
  • External RAID CTRL
  • JBOD / Expander Box

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